Parents frustrated with TFSD dress code

Published: Sep. 1, 2016 at 5:49 PM MDT
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Some parents are frustrated with the dress code policies for the twin falls school district. One concerned parent is Amanda Dastrup.

"My issue that we're running into is having her shoulders exposed and anything above the knee exposed, and that's going a little bit far to be removed from the classroom for that,” said Dastrup.

The dress code states that, among other policies, students cannot wear spaghetti straps, and shorts must fall right above the knee.

The dress code also includes no pajamas, no hats or head coverings, and nothing too tight or torn.

The policies are decided on by the district’s discipline committee.

Superintendent Dr. Wiley Dobbs says that parents like the dress code.

"[The parents] do realize that their students, their children, are going to be expected to dress for success when they go in the work place,” said Dobbs.

Improper dress can be a distraction to the learning community, according to the school district dress code policy, but removing a student from class can be a distraction as well.

"I feel like if my daughter’s shoulders that are showing are disrupting other classmates, we might have a bit more of an issue going on,” said Dastrup.

Dastrup’s daughter wore a blue blouse with thick straps to school, and was asked by the school to wear a sweater for the rest of the day.

Dastrup said that after the principal read aloud the dress code to Dastrup, it was agreed that Dastrup's daughter was not in violation of the code.

On the decision to ask students to cover up, Dobbs said, "we are human beings and it is a judgement call on the part of the administrators. I feel very good about the judgement that our administrators have made and the situations where I’ve been involved."

You can find the dress code policy on the Twin Falls School District website.