Sunway Soccer Complex will go through new developments

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) On Tuesday, the Parks and Recreation Commission met to discuss future developments for the Sunway Soccer Complex master plan.

In October, the commissioners discussed future priorities and amenities that would improve the complex. With organizations wanting to donate for the development, Parks and Recreation Director Wendy Davis explained the new updates on the plan.

“I was approached by First Federal, and they wanted to do something to honor Alan Horner and his contribution to the community, and we floated out different ideas,” Davis said.

Davis said they came up with an idea to have a plaza that would connect the playground to the splash pad. Eventually Davis also was notified about St. Luke’s wanting to donate, to build a pavilion — a shade structure for the complex.

Throughout the meeting Davis discussed the FY '19 budget for this year.

Park Commissioners discussed possibly adding basketball courts, a meditation garden, more shaded areas, picnic tables and adding concrete blocks, dedicated to organizations that decide to help fund future projects within the complex.

Davis expects the two projects in development to be completed by the end of summer.

“First Federal is ready to go, I just think combining these two projects makes good sense,” Davis said.

Davis said there’s a possibility that St. Luke’s would want the completion of the pavilion to be done by the end of the summer to celebrate its 150 year anniversary.

The park commissioners did approve the master plan and no dates have been set for when construction will start on the two projects.

Davis will hold a meeting with the City Council to address the updates on the Sunway Soccer Complex.

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