Idaho Parks and Rec and National Park Service collaborate to bring Hagerman visitor center

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HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A new Thousand Springs State Park visitor center is expected to break groundwork in the Hagerman Valley sometime in July.

Billingsley Creek at Thousand Springs

The National Park Service and Idaho State Department of Parks and Recreation are working together to construct a 3,400 square foot visitor center at Billingsley Creek Park.

IDPR will fund the center and NPS will pay the state a lease fee for 25 years, IDPR officials say this partnership will create an agreement between the two agencies, "one of only a few that exist in the nation."

IDPR Director David Langhorst said this is an ongoing project that would include added features.

"We'll have camping here, we'll (an) amphitheater for programs and this visitor center," Langhorst said.

The proposed visitor center will act as central place for guests to stop by and learn about the different recreation areas in Hagerman.

"Everything from geo-thermal water for hot springs or for energy production even, speaking of energy, there's hydro powers, there's windmills. They got fish hatcheries and have national wildlife refuge and the Hagerman Fossils Beds, which is a worldwide paleontology site," Langhorst said.

The center would provide more services and boost the economy in the Hagerman Valley.

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