Passing out of bibles sparks debate on separation of church and state

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FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The separation of church and state debate is heating up, after bibles were passed out at a school in Filer.

KMVT decided to look up what the law is regarding religious materials being handed out on school grounds.

Filer Intermediate School allowed Gideons to pass out bibles in the cafeteria, after school let out.

The issue is that while it was after school hours, the group was on school grounds, breaking the law.

KMVT reached out to the principal, who declined to talk on camera.

Dr. John Graham, the superintendent for Filer School District, said it was a mistake to let them on campus, but that it was for student safety, as they did not want the students to have to cross dangerous streets to get a bible if they wanted one.

"We did not purposefully break the law, but we may have not followed it exactly the way it is. But it was based on student safety, and if we're not able to accommodate that, then we will discontinue that process,” Graham stated.

One mother added that even though it is illegal, she liked the idea of bibles being passed out in schools.

"It's not something that's forced on the kids, they're allowed to say 'I don't want this," Barbara Lewis said. "For me as a Christian single mom, it allows my kids to have another way to minister to other kids."

Some Facebook posters disagreed. Saying any sort of religious organization does not have a place on campus.

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