Leaders in Learning - Twin Falls students and parents take the lead in reading

Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 7:07 PM MST
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Twin Falls educators are taking lead in the classroom so their students can ultimately take the lead in life.

In part, by participating in National Read Across Day. Although the official date is March 2, educators decided to celebrate a little bit early by hosting "Take a Book to Lunch."

"We chose to dress up all day as our favorite Dr. Seuss characters, and then we're having lunch and reading a book," said Scott Winberg, a decond grade teacher.

"This is our third year for take a book a lunch and it's been a very popular event for kids to just come and read," said Sarah Bengoechea, a third grade teacher

While the costumes were important, the students at Perrine Elementary enjoyed reading a book with their family members.

"He was real excited, his parents couldn't make it but he asked me about two weeks ago if I could come and I said sure, and he's been excited waiting for this day the whole time," Grandparent and attendee Lary Byred said.

"He's gotten a better interest I think, because he's now reading a lot more book that's when I was a kid. I was never interested in reading," said Amanda Brown, a mother and attendee.

"I just hope we continue to do this every year because its fun for their kids and a great way for parents to get out and enjoy a good book with their students," Winburg said.

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