Phone scam spreads to southern Idaho

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(KMVT/KSVT) - You may have noticed a phone scam alert spread all over the news and social media.

Now, it's even affecting southern Idaho.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Northwest in Garden City states they received hundreds of reports of calls asking "Can you hear me?" or some sort of variation to prompt you to instinctively say "yes".

A BBB official says these calls come from what seems like a local number, otherwise known as caller ID spoofing, which is what can confuse victims.

If you think you encounter a scam like this, the BBB reminds you to keep a close eye on your personal accounts.

"We're fortunate at this point that we don't have reports of loss because people are identifying that this is a scam, which is great. Hang up if you get those calls. Better yet, don't answer," said Emily Valla, Senior Marketplace Director.

If you encounter fraudulent activity regarding this scam, the BBB urges you report them so they can notify the public.

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