Physician musician on a mission to perform and give lecture at Zenergy

Published: Aug. 30, 2016 at 5:47 PM MDT
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Singer-songwriter and physician Kenny Fine is giving a musical performance and nutritional lecture in Ketchum on Thursday evening.

The Health ‘N’ Music For Goodness Sake event features topics such as the gluten truth, enlightened eating, and the finer-health revolution.

The lecture and discussion takes place at Zenergy from 5pm and is followed by a concert at 6:30pm.

“I have described myself as a physician musician on a mission because that’s one way of saying I have elevated to musicianship to the professional level that the physicianship already existed,” said Kenny Davin Fine, physician musician.

During the concert, Dr. Fine will perform music from his 10th album, Brand New Road.

He collaborated on the album with Grammy award winner Michael Lloyd.