Pillar Falls coding club hosts special guest

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Pillar Falls Elementary School played host to a politician Wednesday and showed off a club they have as well.

The coding club showed Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House of Representatives for Idaho, what kids are learning.

The club has about 85 kids in it, ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade.

And Pillar Falls isn't the only elementary school in the district to have a club like this.

Pillar Falls teacher Sheli Hulet said that every elementary school in the Twin Falls School District has a club like this, thanks to a grant from the Joseph C. Graves Foundation.

“Our school was awarded $10,000, as was each school, each elementary school in our district. So we've been able to buy a lot of great things with that money,” Hulet explained.

The purpose of the visit today was to show lawmakers how the schools are using funding for after-school STEM classes.

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