Pillar Falls students 'Rock' their school day

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Thursday was a day that students at Pillar Falls Elementary in Twin Falls won't forget anytime soon, as teachers teamed up to think of creative ways to get their students engaged, as part of a countrywide event, explained third grade teacher Sheli Hulet.

Students at Pillar Falls learn all about contractions, by performing surgery Thursday (Source: KMVT)

“'Rock Your School' day started from two teachers from Georgia, and it's kind of a nationwide movement now,” Hulet said.

It's all about breaking out of the routine of a typical school day, said Principal Nancy Murphy.

“We have all levels of learners," she said. "So we all know that when students are engaged and excited about learning, they're going to learn more and push themselves. So we want to bring up the kids that are struggling and get them more excited about learning and we also want to take the kids that are doing well and push them to the next level."

That led to students in second grade performing surgery to learn about contractions, secret agents in third grade solving a mystery about inventors, and the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' themselves fighting crime in fifth grade.

The music teacher Kerrianne Burch also joined in on the fun, giving her class room a "Greatest Showman" makeover.

“I chose 'The Greatest Showman' theme, and we've been singing and dancing to the songs from the movie all week and making a little music video,” Burch said.

Murphy said it was a success, not just for the students, but for the teachers as well.

“This has been really good for our collaboration," Murphy said. "Our teachers are working together as teams, and we've been able to utilize our Monday collaboration time to work together to plan lessons like this to increase engagement and to promote learning and achievement."

This was the first year the school participated in the event, and last year, 30,000 teachers took part in it across the country.

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