UPDATE: No statewide protocol procedures for threats

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(KMVT/KSVT) - UPDATE (as of 11/28):

The buzz continued about a state-wide school threat that turned out to be hoax. Some parents are still upset they didn't know about the hoax, even though their students were not at risk.

KMVT, asked those questions to school officials to find out what their protocols are to keep your students safe.

We talked with Twin Falls School District Wednesday, who did not go into lockdown measures.

TFSD spokesperson Eva Craner told KMVT, they were alerted mid-day Tuesday to a statewide threat made to the Idaho State Police, and at the same time the FBI had concluded the threat was a hoax.

The administration came together and decided that since there was no danger to students they did not need to alert parents.

"As a school district we decided we didn't want to cause any undo concern, because there was not a threat to our students,” Craner said. “There was no disruption to our school day. So we chose not to send out any messages yesterday during the day so we could maintain our school system throughout the day since there wasn't a threat."

As KMVT reported Tuesday, the Gooding School District posted this update on their Facebook page.

The post said they received notice of a threat, and had law enforcement perform a sweep of their campus.

The Kimberly School District also sent out a mobile alert notification after police deemed the campuses safe.

KMVT spent the time reaching out to multiple school districts and law enforcement agencies Wednesday to gain more information on threat protocol. The research proved there is no universal protocol regarding how schools handle threats.

ORIGINAL STORY (11/27/2018):

Schools and airports were on high alert Tuesday after a threat.

According to Kimberly-Hansen Police Chief Jeff Perry, all law enforcement agencies across the state received an email from Homeland Security about a threat to schools and airports in Idaho.

The Gooding School District posted an update on their Facebook page, notifying parents about the incident.

The post said the district received notice of a bomb threat to all school and airports in Idaho and had law enforcement perform campus sweeps to ensure safety.

The Kimberly School District also sent out a notification, alerting parents about the threat. Police deemed the campuses safe. Perry said the credibility of the threat was not verified.

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