Police: Warmer weather brings more foot traffic and bicyclists; motorists urged to be aware

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - As the temperature continues to climb in the next few weeks, Twin Falls Police Department is asking drivers to pay extra attention to their surroundings.

Sgt. Ryan Howe said there will be more motorcyclists, bicyclists and foot traffic out on the streets.

"We’ve had a lot of collisions where people are looking for cars but not necessarily looking at kids or bikes or runners or walkers on sidewalks," he said.

He asked that before someone leaves a parking lot or backing out of the garage, to look for people instead of just cars.

"Make sure you're focusing on sidewalks, focus on making sure a bike's not coming towards you and remember they can come from both directions, so if you're making a right turn, don't just look for the vehicles on the left, look to the right and make sure nobody is going to ride a bike in front of you or walk in front of you," he said.

Also, with the time change, he said the sun can be hitting windshields at the right time in the mornings as kids are going to school.

"The sun is blinding people as they’re driving to and from school. We want people again, to again, make sure your windshields are clean, make sure your mirrors are clean, that way we don’t get that glare or reflection on the windows and we can see," he advised.

He also urges drivers to slow down, especially in school zones.

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