Police investigate ATM skimming devices found in Boise

Boise Police Department
Boise Police Department(KMVT)
Published: Sep. 30, 2018 at 7:08 PM MDT
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The Boise Police Department is advising citizens to check their bank statements after several ATMs skimming devices where found in the area.

The BPD believes at least one suspect is installing skimming devices and moving them around different ATM's.

"Boise Police have heard from over a dozen victims whose financial information has been compromised due to a card skimmer. Thieves have the technology to hide skimmers in plain sight and the card user is none the wiser," said Boise Police Sgt. John Terry. "The only way a citizen will know they've been victimized is to see a charge they didn't make on the statement from their bank or financial institution."

The police are asking businesses to inspect their ATM's as well.

It's recommended for the public to call local authorities if they find someone being suspicious near gas pumps or ATM's.

Police officials said It's important to cover up the keypad when entering any personal information.

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