UPDATE: Police close case on potential stalking at Twin Falls retail store

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Kylie Harvey took to social media warning of an encounter that happened to her at the Walmart in Twin Falls after believing she was followed by three men.

She filed a report with the Twin Falls Police Department, and after an investigation and watching surveillance video, the three men she described were identified and questioned by police.

"Detectives were able to contact the three individuals involved and they all had legitimate reasons for being at the store," said Lt. Terry Thueson of the Twin Falls Police Department. "So at this point the case has been closed as inactive. At this point there's just insufficient evidence for us to go forward."

Lt. Thueson still encourages anyone who feels uneasy or that they're being followed to call the police, notify store management for the sake of being safe rather than sorry.


A viral Facebook post has the Magic Valley area on high alert regarding stalking.

KMVT’s Morgan Rumpf met with the woman who wants the community to be aware and safe.

Typically when you go grocery shopping you go in. You go out. You get in your car, and you go home.

One woman was fortunate enough to be aware of her surroundings, avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.

"It can happen anywhere and it happened to me," said Kylie Harvey.

Harvey was Valentine’s Day shopping at the Twin Falls Walmart and had an uneasy feeling.

"At that point I started thinking, ‘OK, I really need to validate that this is happening, that this could really be happening. Am I really being followed?’” Harvey said. “And that's when I decided to go to the most random places and see if they would follow me. And they did."

When she was cashing out Harvey notified the clerk she was being followed and management came to escort her safely to her car.

"Well as soon as I was going to back up, I look in my rear view mirror and the three are standing right behind my car," she said.

Eventually the men did move, Harvey proceeded to get home safely and called the Twin Falls Police Department to file a report.

"I always tell them to trust their gut,” said Sgt. Dusty Solomon. “If your gut is telling you something is wrong do something about it. It's better to be safe in the end than sorry.”

"But in that exact moment I was scared,” Harvey said. “It honestly came down to that fight or flight instinct and my first instinct was to make sure I was protected."

The investigation is on-going and Walmart is cooperating.

"I just want not even just women, everyone in the community to be aware of your surroundings,” Harvey said. “It can happen anywhere, at any time at any Walmart, even in a small town."

"It's important not to get in that false sense of security,” Soloman said. “It's important to get us involved so we can at least document these incidences if we can't do anything more than that."

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