Police remind public about kids in hot cars

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Twin Falls Police Department is reminding people about the dangers of leaving kids or pets inside of cars during the summer months.

"Across the nation there's about 25 children that die each year from being left in an unattended, hot car," Twin Falls police officer J.P. O’Donnell explained.

According to the organization Kids and Cars, so far this year, 23 children have already died from being left in a hot car

"That severe heat can obviously lead to severe injury or death with these extreme temperatures that we're seeing,” O’Donnell explained.

If you see a child or an animal in a car, O’Donnell says to call 911 right away.

"We would ask the community that if you obviously do observe especially a child or a pet in a vehicle that unattended, that you call us immediately, O’Donnell stated.

And thanks to a new law, if you do see a child in distress, you can gain access to the inside of the car and save them.

"That offers criminal and civil immunity to a bystander that breaks into a vehicle, in reference to save a child, or to retrieve the child from that vehicle,” O’Donnell continued; “Now with that, you do need to contact the police department, we prefer you do that before you do that, or immediately after."