Police say Idaho man made false sarin bomb threat

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CALDWELL, Idaho (AP) - A southwestern Idaho man has been charged with terrorism and other crimes after police say he falsely threatened to release deadly nerve gas in the city of Nampa.

Twenty-two year-old Grant Charles Stevenson is charged with several felonies, including threatening to use weapons of mass destruction in connection with the threat that forced two schools to go on lockdown for six hours Thursday.

Police say the incident began when someone using a fake Facebook account sent messages to the department's Facebook page. According to court documents, the first message claimed a bomb containing sarin gas had been planted in an apartment complex.

Other messages read "death to America" and said "the Caliphate will prevail."

Police say Stevenson had no actual access to bombs or nerve gas. He is being held on $2 million bond and has not yet entered a plea.

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