Coffee franchise will open second location in Twin Falls

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The popular coffee franchise Dutch Bros will open a second location here in Twin Falls. In fact, they've already broken ground on the second location, which sits in between the Anchor Bistro and Walgreens on Blue Lakes Blvd.

"I love coming here," a drive-thru customer told KMVT. "I come here like two or three times a week, and it's usually pretty busy."

For employees, they believe the added location will help them better reach out to potential customers.

"I'm honestly really excited about it," Dutch Bros employee, Anthony Ungur said. "I feel like we'll have a lot more community outreach and I'll be able to hit more customers and serve more people on different sides of town now."

"I'm super excited about it," said Asher Toro, who works with Ungur. "For one, I think it will probably like double up the customers so we can spread our impact a bit more, and honestly, you know just do what our is. Which is to make coffee and make sure people are smiling."

The second location is not expected to open until the summer.

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