Preparing for parenting | St. Luke's hosts prepared childbirth classes

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Providing free or affordable classes to new parents has become an important goal of St. Luke's Magic Valley.


The hospital offers a variety of childbirth class like their five weeklong prepared childbirth class in the evening on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

They also offer a boot camp one Saturday a month.
This year they've added an intuitive birth class that focuses on mindfulness that last four weeks.

A benefit to these classes is that parents will have a chance to tour the facility to see where they might be delivering their new baby, but anyone is welcome to attend.

Their infant safety and CPR class focuses on car seat information, home safety and an emphasis on choking hazards.

“Most people feel a lot more confident about what they're heading into, and then afterwards I hear from a lot of people how much it helped them during their childbirth process,” said Shelley Bonnes, childbirth and parenting education coordinator. “Then with taking care of their newborn I've even had parents tell me how they prevented a choking incident by knowing what to do when their baby started choking on something. So that is always great to hear.”

People can check out their baby care basics class that teaches parents how to take care of a newborn baby for those new to parenting or even first time grandparents who may be interested.

To sign up, call 208-814-0425.

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