Preparing lunches can provide a weeks worth of nutrition

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Preparing a healthy school lunch for your child could also translate into making a nutritious meal for yourself.

Dietitians recommend getting a bento box to separate your protein from your fruits and veggies.

Try doing most of the heavy cooking at the beginning of the week and portioning it out for the rest of the days.

Also try creating a couple weeks’ worth of menus and rotating them so you don't get tired of the food.

“Get all of your food cooked and chilled,” said Kristopher Crane, Dietitian. “The approach we're using with these lunches are to keep things cold so you want cold entrees, salads, cold soups. We're doing different kinds of ideas with that so think about cooking your food and then keeping it cold.”

Check temperatures to make sure your food is in the safe range.

In order to have the freshest produce, plan on picking up new items twice a week.

After three to four days your fruits and vegetables will begin to go stale.