Principal, Twin Falls Police remind drivers of school zone safety

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Many school districts will be starting classes next week and there's some things drivers need to remember.

Kids and parents are getting ready for school to start, and for schools like Sawtooth Elementary and Twin Falls High School, construction is going to play a role in back to school traffic, explains Sawtooth principal Mickey Combs.

“There is quite a bit of extra traffic, so we are concerned about that, because people will be distracted, and kids will be distracted. They're going to be excited about school to begin with, so we need to be extra careful watching out for them,” Combs stated.

Combs asked that if you can avoid the area, to do so.

“If they'd please consider taking a different route, so that they aren't driving right by the school, we want to keep the kids as safe as we possibly can. So that extra traffic, we need to work on that so we don’t have as much traffic around the school,” Combs said.

Sergeant Ryan Howe with the Twin Falls Police Department encouraged drivers to pay attention to school zones.

“With school starting remember that those areas that are school zones, we're going to be enforcing those. Some of them have been in effect all year, but we don't necessarily enforce them as much. Be looking for the flashing lights that a lot of school zones that have the flashing lights that tell you that the speed limit drops in those areas,” Howe stated.

Howe also said the Twin Falls Police Department will be out in full force.

“We actually have extra officers out looking for specific things. They're going to look for people wearing their seat belts, they're going to be looking for people texting while driving, or being distracted while they're driving. We going to be looking for people who are aggressive driving. Running stop signs, running lights,” Howe explained.

The police department will also be following buses to make sure drivers stop when students are loading and unloading.