Proposal for multipurpose stadium in downtown Boise in the works

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BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — Management for the Boise Hawks Minor League Baseball team have proposed a $41 million stadium to be built just off of Americana Blvd. and Shoreline Drive in Boise.

Rendering of stadium being built by Hawks Management in Augusta, Georgia. (KBOI photo)

“It’ll be a thoroughly modern experience. It will be unlike anything that currently exists in the market,” said president and partner of the Hawks, Jeff Eiseman.

Eiseman says the proposed stadium would likely look very similar to the venue he is currently building for his other minor league team in Augusta, Georgia.

The ballpark would be located southwest of Downtown Boise and feature a climate controlled club level, suites, and five to six thousand square feet of club space.

“We’ll have a wrap-around concourse so you will be able to walk around the building 360 degrees, concessions throughout the venue as well, and probably several million dollars’ worth of LED display technology that will be inside the ballpark,” Eiseman said.

But the stadium wouldn’t just be for baseball. Team management also plans to bring a minor league soccer team to Boise.

“Well I think when people think about it they’re like well I don’t understand thing why do they want to do all this for just a baseball team that only plays like 38 home games and the reality of it is this is a sports and entertainment facility it’s an outdoor events center,” Eiseman said.

Eiseman estimates the stadium could host over 200 events annually.

“When you couple that with festivals and concerts, and home and garden shows, and wine tastings, and all other kind of events that you could think about putting down there plus private functions that can exist too.”

But not everyone is on board to support a news stadium in Downtown Boise.

“I don’t really see a whole need for it…maybe expand the one that they already have,” said Boise resident Mahri Wilson.

Others are more optimistic about the proposal.

“I think it’d be great for the community. There’s not a lot of places to go so why not make a really nice place that I know I would go,” said Boise resident Blaine Areed.

There are still many steps that need to take place before construction can even begin on a massive project like this one.

While Hawks management would like to see this project completed by 2019, there is no set timeline just yet.

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