Proposed pet license plate bill heads to House

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BOISE, Idaho (House/Senate Democrats) - Idaho could have a new license plate design on the way if a new bill goes through.

The new "pet friendly" license plate, featuring a rescued cat and dog, is being proposed to help raise money for low-income families to spay and neuter dogs and cats in our state.

The legislation is being sponsored by former state representative Hy Kloc of Boise.

Under the proposal, an extra fee would be charged for the pet-friendly plates. Part of the proceeds from each plate would go into the Idaho Humane Society Pet Lover's fund.

Rep. Kloc said there is a big need for these funds because of how quickly dogs and cats can multiply.

"One dog and her litter will produce 67,000 puppies in six years. A cat and her litter will produce 450,000 kittens in the same period of time. So, there is a huge problem," Kloc said.

The bill passed through the house transportation committee unanimously. It will head to the full house floor for a vote either this week or next.

This information was provided by the Idaho House/Senate Democrats

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