Leaders in Learning — Raft River counselor given honors in DC

Published: Feb. 17, 2019 at 2:32 PM MST
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Cassia School District has reason to celebrate after one of its counselors was recognized as the best in the state.

Raft River school counselor Rachel Jensen was able to go to Washington DC a couple weeks ago, as part of being named the 2019 school counselor of the year for Idaho.

Jensen also works at Almo Elementary School.

Jensen was nominated by the principal Raft River Elementary, which Jensen calls an amazing experience, and said she was honored to receive the award in Washington, but said she couldn't have won it without the community's support.

“The reason I feel like I was recognized on that level was I have amazing principals, I have two principals that I work with, and they're wonderful, amazing parents, wonderful students, and great teachers. It’s all because of the people that are with me,” Jensen said.

“My mentors have been wonderful, the other school counselors in the district have, we work together so well and we're a team," she continued.

"And so for me, it's just really heartwarming that I feel like I was able to put the spotlight on my school, and my students and my families, and my little town. It’s just a great little town."

And on the trip, Jensen was able to take her mom and two daughters with her, even getting to dress up and walk the red carpet.

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