Real estate agent: Housing industry is a seller's market right now

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Now may be a good time to sell a home, as a local real estate agent said it's a seller's market.

"We're renting. But the cost of renting now is catching up with the cost to buy," said James Stuart.

James and his wife Fran just moved from California about six months ago.

"We started at looking at prices before we came here last year, this time last year," James said. "We can see the upward movement in the costs."

Real estate agent Faye Emerson said this time of year is actually great for the housing market.

"Because people are moving in, getting ready for the summer move to get ready for their children ready for school," she said.

However, prices have gone up for homes.

"It's a seller's market, because of the supply. We don't have the supply for the demand," Emerson explained.

Homes Emerson has sold in January actually went up in price

"Prices of land developing are going up. Prices for material are going up. We closed a house, two houses in January, and they now are $8,000 more than they were in January," she said.

Even homeowners Terry and Jean Dowd made a profit after selling their home.

"When we found out the taxes had gone up so much and the property value had jumped, we decided that's a sign. So we're very pleased and tickled to death," Jean said.

Not making just a couple thousand, but more.

"$50,000 and believe it or not, it sold in five hours," Terry said.

If one is looking for a home or looking to sell, Emerson said it's best to get help from a professional.

"The main important thing is to find an agent who is experienced," she said.

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