Realtor association honors first responders in Twin Falls with 'Hero's Luncheon'

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Western Magic Valley Realtor's Association
held a "Hero's Luncheon" on Wednesday in Twin Falls to honor local first responders.

KMVT producer and reporter Sherley Boursiquot speaks to Western Magic Valley Realtor's Association President Jordan Beard (KMVT image).

The event wasn't held last year, according to association president elect Jordan Beard.

Wednesday though, the event was held once again and provided a spot where first responders could treat themselves to cookies, cake and of course — good old fashioned hamburgers.

Members of the Twin Falls fire and police department and Magic Valley Paramedics were seen in attendance.

Beard says he hopes the luncheon conveys a simple message in the community about first responders.

"Remember that they're (here) to serve, and that they work for us," Beard said. "And that they are there for our benefit. So thank you for all that you do."

Both Beard and members of the association tell KMVT they hope to expand the luncheon to other communities, as just another small way we can say thank you to our first responders.

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