Recent test found asbestos in some crayons

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(CNN/CBS) — A warning for parents as children get ready for back-to-school. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group says tests on Playskool crayons found traces of asbestos. Retailers and manufactures say they're investigating the data. Some say it conflicts with their own tests.

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An insurance watchdog is issuing its own warning about vehicles with electronic driver-assist features. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says cars and trucks with these features may not recognize stopped vehicles and could even steer you into a crash if a driver is distracted. The group reviewed systems from Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo.

A bold move by Freddie Mac. The nation's biggest mortgage lender is launching a new program offering cheaper financing to owners who cap rent increases. While rent hikes have decelerated in recent months, the program protects tenants from sharp increases when the market heats up again.

High speed internet could be interfering with your shut eye. A recent study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization found that people with high speed internet lost almost a half hour of sleep compared to those without it and they were much less likely to get the recommended daily allotment of seven to nine hours of sleep.

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