Recovery in Motion helps recovering addicts feel less alone

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Recovery in Motion is one of 9 recovery centers in the state of Idaho, and is located in Twin Falls. They help those who are on the road to recovery, and may need an extra hand.

Recovery in Motion has 9 chapters across the state of Idaho, and one in Twin Falls.

"I know what’s possible once you get into recovery, things that you never believed in, we call them miracles, the promises," said the director of Recovery in Motion, John Brannen.

For those battling addiction or mental health issues, it can be difficult to feel like you belong somewhere, Recovery in Motion can help.

"We are a place where people can come, and get out of that isolation that there in and become included in, inclusion back into the community," Brannen said.

They help recovering addicts get back on their feet by helping them find housing, a job, and help them realize that they aren’t alone.

"Figure out what their goals are, make sure that they get grounded in the recovery community," said the office administrator Nicole Mortensen. "Whether that’s taking them to another support group, getting a sponsor, that sort of thing, just meeting them where they are in that journey, so they aren’t alone."

All of the people who work at Recovery in Motion are in recovery themselves, which means that they understand what they are going through.

"That opens the door for these folks, to come in and talk to us and be able to examine what they need for their life. It allows them then to feel like they have value, and that they can recover from whatever disorder they are recovering from, and have the life that they always wanted," Brannen said.

Recovery in Motion is free and open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.

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