Idaho receives C grade for election security

Published: Feb. 14, 2018 at 4:18 PM MST
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A new report shows America's elections may not be as secure as they need to be.

The Center for American Progress gave grades to all 50 states. Five states failed and none got an A. Idaho got a C.

The state got a "fair" or "good" grade for meeting minimum cybersecurity standards for voter registration systems, a voter-verified paper audit trail, voting machine certification requirements, and pre-election logic and accuracy testing. It received an unsatisfactory grade in post-election audits, ballot accounting and reconciliation, and absentee ballots.

“It's interesting to see that Idaho only received a C,” said Kristina Glascock, the county clerk in Twin Falls. She handles elections. “Of course we think that we, we strive to have high security, high integrity in our election process.”

Glascock said if Idaho were to change any of the things the report says the state is doing wrong it will come from the state level. Read more about the report