Richfield educators speak about running school effectively during seasonal flu

RICHFIELD, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The seasonal flu has hit the Richfield School District, and school officials said it's had minimal impact and the public shouldn't be concerned.

Mike Smith, superintendent for the district, said he had to fill in for teachers this week and even the principal caught the flu bug.

"Not back to 100 percent yet, but I'm getting there, slowly," Richfield Schools Principal Kevin Case said.

Case said with a number of students, teachers, substitutes getting sick, the rest of the staff do what they can to run the school effectively.

"In the event we're not able to get subs, we have to rely on the people that we have here that are well and healthy and willing to do the job. I've filled in and substitute taught multiple times when we were short on subs," Case said.

To Case knowledge they haven't had to close down the school because of the flu, but have closed it for weather conditions and with a smaller staff, everyone plays different roles and has to wear many hats.

"I've had to ask teachers to give up their plan periods and sub for other teachers on such short notice and they've all been willing to do that," Case said. "Part of what it makes it work is that we're pretty close-knit group here. We're a small staff. We only got 17 teachers and we're all willing to help each other when we needed it."

In the fall, the district offers a flu shot service for its staff and community, but Case recognizes people still get sick and they just have to wait it out.

"I think we're at the tail end of that now," Case said.

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