Richfield schools implement new social and learning program

Published: Feb. 10, 2019 at 3:43 PM MST
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In January, the Richfield School District started implementing a new program to help students communicate their emotions while making healthier and responsible choices.

Katrina McHan, the school's counselor said the "Move This World Program" is a series of interactive videos where students watch and then talk about their emotions, put themselves in other person's shoes, learning empathy and regulate their emotions.

"It's teaching them how to handle those big emotions. Teaching them how to take perspective of other people, how maybe if I say something that I thought it was funny, might not be perceived as funny," McHan said. "It gives the kids a language. It also has a big piece on emotion regulation."

The series is a five minute video and McHan said all grade levels participate, including teachers at the start and end of each school session.

A letter was sent to parents in Richfield about the new program. It states, "Kindergarten through fourth grade will be using 10 Emogers ranging from smiling, giving a hug or fist bump, drink a glass of water, ask for help or listen to others. This well help students make responsible choices.

The program hopes to teach fifth through eighth graders the 10 Emogers if they're going through a difficult or stressful situation.

Ninth through 12th grade students will learn how to learn from their mistakes and take responsibility.

McHan said teachers have already seen a positive outcome from the program.

"Had other teachers say, 'hey it has really helped my class. We do the calm down ones right before math, so there's not much anxiety over math,' seeing how the teachers are using it and hearing their reports it's been positive," McHan said.