Rock Creek Elementary practices random acts of kindness

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 9:31 AM MST
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A local elementary school is promoting kindness through the hallways and into the community.

Second graders at Rock Creek Elementary are gearing up for an afternoon project with counselor Sarah Pehrson.

One student said, (I am) "thanking the doctors for saving my life because I almost died when I was a baby."

They have different ideas of what they want to jot on paper.

"We love you!" That's great.

"Thank for you for saving people's lives."

The card activity is just one of the ways Rock Creek is teaching children about kindness.

"Some of my classmates are helping out in the classroom more, some are hanging out with different people," said Cohen Adams, a fifth grader.

By focusing on kindness, teachers can also teach lessons on empathy and compassion, especially when it comes to bullying prevention.

"When we we teach empathy we can help kids understand how a bully might be feeling," Pehrson added.

Because in some cases a bully is triggered by a certain event.

"Maybe some days they have a bad day and stuff, second grader Palmer Ringenberg explained.

But if you focus on being kind, it then becomes a daily goal.

Adams explained, "you feel so good, you want to keep the goodness that you feel, so you want to do it more often."

The Random Acts of Kindness

explains different daily tasks you can do throughout the year and not just during Random Acts of Kindness week.

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