Rock Creek firefighters prepare for two-week assignment

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KIMBERLY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Two firefighters from the Rock Creek Fire District are preparing to head out to another two-week assignment.

Firefighter and driver Taylor Hunsaker said this will be their fourth assignment this summer.

"This time, we're going to Boise for a staging incident, which is where they're out of units up there and we'll go sit up in their BLM yard," he said. "Then when the fire takes off, the group that's actually sitting there will take the fire."

He said basically, this is a prepared plan as they are there waiting for a fire to call them out to in that area.

Before going out on their assignment, they have to prep the truck.

"You've got to take a bag with two weeks worth of clothes in it. We're going through our trucks to make sure our tools are sharpened. Our truck's fuel back up," he said. "We've got plenty of water, Gatorade."

Hunsaker said these assignments they get called out to federally, they get paid and that money goes toward buying their new fire trucks.

"It's not coming out of our local taxpayers pockets, it's I guess in a way it is, but the federal government's reimbursing and giving, and that's how we buy our trucks," he said.

He said two weeks is a long time to be away, but he meets new people and learns new things.

"I like to go out and do these. I enjoying having fun on them and meet new people," he said. "The experience is great. You actually learn quite a bit going to these."

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