Rock Creek firefighters assist with blazes in Colorado

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(KMVT/KSVT) - Firefighters from the Rock Creek Rural Fire Department are assisting crews in Colorado with their two wildfires.

Courtesy of Taylor Hunsaker

Taylor Hunsaker, who is normally an engine driver in Kimberly, said he and Tim Daniels were dispatched to Colorado on July 1.

"Every job out here is different. We're in in an engine and we help control fire lines and we assist with hand crews on mopping up and giving them water so they can get their job done easier," Hunsaker said over the phone.

Through a contract with the Department of Lands, Hunsaker said they get called out to big regional fires if needed.

"They'll contact departments around the valley and if anybody's available, to go to these fires," he said.

It's just the two of them and their fire truck. He said it was almost a 12 hour drive, saying they get one day for travel, stay out at the fire for two weeks and then one day to drive back.

"We first went to the Durango, Colorado, which is the 416 Fire and, and then when that one got barely controlled, the Lake Christine Fire kicked off by El Jebel," he continued. "So they were requesting some trucks up here and they actually already burned up three homes, a couple other outbuildings."

The 416 Fire was about 55,000 acres in size and Lake Christine was about 6,000 acres, he said.

Hunsaker said their days start at about 6 a.m. and end around 8 or 9 p.m.

"Every time you go to fire, you meet a lot of cool people, and they're a really good learning experience. You learn something new every time you come to one of these fires," he said. "The community has been absolutely amazing and they're taking very good care of us."

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