Rodeo associate shows support for woman investigated by FBI

Published: Jan. 9, 2019 at 12:34 PM MST
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The Magic Valley is a buzz as authorities investigate a Twin Falls connection to the Kelsey Berreth murder investigation in Colorado.

Sources close to to the woman being investigated by the FBI and Colorado Bureau of Investigations identify her as Krystal Lee.

One of Krystal Lee’s long-time supporters shares with KMVT’s Kelsey Souto how Lee’s rodeo involvement put her into the spot light. Krystal Kenney, now Krystal Lee, was crowned the 2008 Miss Magic Valley Stampede queen.

“She was probably one of the best queens, she was amazing,” said Laura Stutzman, who spent time with Krystal in the District VI rodeo circuit.

Stutzman says she knew the family well.

“A person is gonna be hard pressed to find someone more honest, reliable, kind and very well grounded,” Stutzman said. “She's just one in a million. My Krystal, she's a really wonderful, wonderful person. And I cannot for the life of me, and I can't imagine any of this, what her families going through, her friends.”

Since Krystal’s (alleged) connection to the Berreth case came to light, a number of her friends have reached out to KMVT to say they don't believe she's capable of harm. However, most of the friends are afraid of doing an interview on camera for fear of backlash from the community.

“What I hope comes out of this, is the truth,” Stutzman said. “And I don't want to see Krystal portrayed as a monster. The truth always prevails and hopefully her name can be cleared, that's my hope.”

KMVT confirmed that the 32-year-old St. Luke's nurse is on a leave of absence from the hospital. Court records also indicate she got divorced in 2016. Stutzman said Lee has a son and a daughter from that marriage.

Since Krystal was well known in the community, the impact is felt both far and wide.

“On the other hand, knowing Krystal the way that I do, and with how level-headed and grounded that she is, I really have a difficult time believing that in just a short period of time she could go from an angel to a monster and that is not Krystal,” Stutzman said. “(She) comes from good solid family.”

For those close to Krystal, their love and support will never change.

“Oh, I will always stand by Krystal,” Stutzman said. “I believe in her with all my heart.”

KMVT continues to speak to people close to the situation this week as well as working in partnership with our affiliates across the west.