Rupert police association helps colleagues and others in need

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RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Rupert Police Department has a separate association called the Rupert Police Officers Association that raises money and donates to colleagues and the community who are in need.

Cpl. Matt Arthur, with the police department, said officers get together and contribute their own money.

"We just help each other out and help the community out, and we vote on different issues and what comes up and what needs come up. Then we help out where we can," Arthur said.

He said the association is "on and off" where there are times it's more active than others.

"It's something we can do outside of the police department... It's something that we can do as a unit, that doesn't have to involve the police," he said. "It's something that we do out of our own money and our own time."

The association comprises of officers along with administration.

Roxanne Dimond, an administrative assistant for the department, received help from the association two years ago.

She said she had three different surgeries, three years in a row.

"When you have surgeries that often, it's hard to get one paid off before you have another one," she said. "So, two years after I had my knee surgery, the association went unbeknownst to me, put $250 in my checking account and it was very helpful at that time because I was off of work for a month."

While Dimond was assisted, she is also part of the association.

"I work with a bunch of great, great people and a bunch of great guys. They always have each other's back and it just, it makes my heart feel good that they care about you like that and they want to help you," she said.

Lt. Daniel Rosas said he was also helped with the association when he had each of his three kids.

"It feels good to be able to depend on them. It's not something we ever ask for, but it's great that they provide that," he said.

Arthur said this year has been one of their more active years. They have helped families during Christmas. The association also recently donated $200 to the Minico girls softball team.

"We just like to help people out. Not just our own, but people in our community as well outside of the police department. It's all encompassing," he said.

Arthur said currently, the association is raising money for a raffle for one of their own who went through medical issues.

"What we did is we went to C-A-L Ranch and we have a gift certificate for $700 from there. We purchased that from our association and we're raffling off tickets to try and raise funds," he explained, wanting to bring down the medical costs for his colleague.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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