SCCAP holds demonstration for Weatherization Day

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) October 10th has been proclaimed Weatherization Day for Twin Falls, and local organizations partnered up in a demonstration on how to conserve energy.

Weatherization Day Event hosted by SCCAP, where they demonstrated ways to conserve energy in homes. (Source: KMVT)

South Central Community Action Partnership brought out their Weatherization department to show technology used to make homes more energy efficient. They demonstrated equipment such as blower doors, infrared cameras and heat duct insulation, which are all additions that will make homes safer to live in. This work was done at the Glenhaven Home, and owners were overjoyed for the changes made.

"It's truly a blessing to have this done for this home, the women we're working with have limited resources so our goal or one of our goals was to make sure that we kept the home affordable for them because we don't receive any other types of funding,” says Kevin and Sherry, owners of the Glenhaven home.

SCCAP hosted a luncheon following the demonstration where national organizations gathered in promotion of energy awareness. As the days get colder, keep in mind ways to heat your home as safe and efficient as possible.

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