Sawtooth Elementary students are beating to their own drum

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Sawtooth Elementary School students are drummer-sizing to some of their favorite songs.

Through their PE and music teacher's the students are combining physical activity and music.

"It teaches so much. It teaches rhythm, it teaches beat, choreographed routines,” physical education teacher Darla Petersen said.

Drummersize is an aerobic drumming that combines low impact aerobics and drumming on stability balls. Students learn the choreography along with musical terminology and then use physical activity to use sticks to beat the balls as a band together.

"We talk it through, we sit down and go through some of the routines. Then we bring them to the exercise balls and when they do learn those routines that's when they get the sticks,” music teacher Karen Sweet said.

Students love the time they're able to spend on the balls. And the feedback from student and teachers alike is nothing but positive. The best part is it had no cost on the district.

"The funding came from Fuel Up 60. As soon as Mrs. Sweet and I decided that this is what we really wanted to do I applied for a Fuel Up 60 grant and was granted it,” Petersen said.

Fuel Up 60 is a national in-school nutrition and physical activity program encouraging kids to be active for one hour a day. Locally the Idaho dairy farmers participate through the national dairy council who team up with the NFL to encourage today's youths to lead healthier lives.

Drummersize class is all business with students making sure they're all on beat and in sync.

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