Sawtooth National Forest celebrates new headquarters

JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) After months of construction, the Sawtooth National Forest celebrated its new headquarters in Jerome.

A special ribbon cutting ceremony was held Tuesday morning to commemorate the opening. The pink ribbon they used is a symbol for forest officials that a place is safe to enter.

“So when the firefighters arrived on scene. To a fire up on the scene. They see this ribbon it’s safe to come in,” said Public Affairs Officer Julie Thomas.

Forest officials invited the community for a tour of the facility. The Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce joined them to be part of the cutting.

“We’re still part of this greater part of the Magic Valley and we’ll still be doing all the same business we used to, said Forest Supervisor Kit Mullen, who addressed the public. “So thank you for that. We can’t be successful without a community like this that support us."

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