Sawtooth National Forest headquarters move to Jerome after 32 years in Twin Falls

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Sawtooth National Forest headquarters in Twin Falls is moving to Jerome after 32 years.

Public affairs officer Julie Thomas said they will be about moved into the new building by Monday located at 370 American Ave.

"Due to a decrease in employees and a need for a new building, our contract has been up for several years at the location on Kimberly Road," she said. "The general services administration has helped us locate a new place to go and help build this building that we'll be moving into this year."

The reason for reduction in employees stems from budgetary reasons and employees completing special projects.

"We have about 60 employees that work at the supervisor's office, both full-time and seasonal employees that will be headquartered here," she said.

The new building is 17,000 square feet, including office and warehouse space.

"We're really excited about this move, you know, it's brand new," she said. "Lots of opportunities to do great things with our co-operators and our partners as well as the public. It'll be a change, but I think that folks will get used to it."

Thomas said there are still opportunities for people to buy wood permits at the Rock Creek General Store on the weekends when the Forest Service building is closed.

The Sawtooth National Forest Service will also be changing their phone number along with their move. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

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