Scammers target businesses by posing as BBB

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Scammers put out another phishing email and this one involves pretending to be the Better Business Bureau.

Owner of Advanced Drug Detection Brenda Scovill went to her office on the morning of September 11 and found an email saying someone filed a complaint against her business.

"When I get scams like this, it's not just against this company. It's against me and I take it personal," Scovill says.

Scovill says she's been with the BBB for a while and knows what to expect from their emails.

"This one is nothing like theirs," she continues, "It has no logo."

After finding the email, she forwarded it to the BBB and they were already investigating.

Samantha Gilihan, marketplace manager at BBB, says "We're in the process of taking down the website. Completely shut down within, hopefully, this week. It should be an end to this type of email."

If you did open the suspicious email and clicked on the link, Gillihan says to shut down your computer and find a professional to repair it.

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