Twin Falls School District seeks to pass $5M levy in March

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Twin Falls residents will soon have the opportunity to make their voices heard about something that will impact the future of their school district. The Twin Falls School District's superintendent Brady Dickinson talked to Twin Falls High School students about that opportunity on Monday.

The Twin Falls School District is seeking a new supplemental levy for the next two years. The districts current levy expires in June and supplies $4.25 million annually in funds to the district. The proposed levy, which residents will have the opportunity to vote on this March, includes a slight increase from $4.25 million to $5 million annually over the two years.

The funds from supplemental levies is used to cover the district's current level of operations, and include improvements in place like curriculum and school security. The district superintendent says there's a few misconception people have about the supplemental levy, like that building new schools requires raising rates on property.

"One of the nice things about Twin Falls, is that because we're a growing district we've been able to be aggressive in terms of paying off our bonds," Dickinson said. "So we're paying those bonds down and paying them off early. By doing that, the goal is that when we do need to build new schools here in Twin Falls that will be able to go back out and do that without raising taxes rates."

Dickinson plans to continue informing the public bout the supplemental levy over the course of the month. The election on the levy will be held on March 12. For more information on how and where to vote, visit

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