School counselor starts program to coach students through stressful days

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) One school counselor has started a new program at Harrison Elementary School in Twin Falls. She calls it Yoga After School.

The program is for students at Harrison Elementary. (Source: KMVT)

The motivation behind the program is easy, as a school counselor, she noticed a lot of students feeling anxious, or depressed, or angry, and she thought that by teaching them yoga and breathing exercises after school, it could help them work through it.

"Yoga teaches about breathing and calming exercises, being able to count their breaths to be able to slow their heart rate down, be able to control their thinking process," said Mari Nelson, the school counselor. "At the end of every yoga, obviously we do yoga, to be able to learn how to be more flexible, get some of the energy out, but the other part of it is, we do 5 minutes of relaxation."

There are two sessions, one session on Tuesday for kindergarten to second grade, and one session on Thursday for third through fifth graders.

"To me yoga is fun, and it helps me relax in situations when I'm in meltdowns," said fourth grader Alyson Parrish.

There will be a new session starting in November because the instructor says that she likes to keep the class to 10 students only.

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