School district enhances school lunches for students

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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Cassia County School District recently added a new "Flavor Lab" for their students to enhance their school lunches.

Lindsey Hollingsworth, a cafeteria worker at Burley Junior High, said, "We want the kids to eat. We want them to feel full."

The school along with others in the district added the herbs and spices earlier this school year.

"We do our best not to add more salt, but to enhance the flavor for the things that we're serving," she said.

Eighth-grade student Johnny Torres said he enjoys the variety they have at school.

"They're just kind of these different powder, and you can put them in your salad or your food," he explained.

He said those flavors include garlic, spicy jalapeno, fiesta lime and more.

"I like it," he said of the flavors. "It's a good thing to add to our lunches. It adds flavor."

While the school tries to put different tastes into their food, they try new recipes as well.

"Today was actually one of those days, and we tried a new ham and potato soup. It was fun seeing the feedback from the kids," Hollingsworth said.

She said she wants to see kids eat, instead of food in the trash.

"If the food doesn't taste good to us, it's probably not going to taste good for them, so we want to make sure that they're happy."

Johnny said he enjoys the changes.

"It's better, because I like what I eat, and it's just more healthy for me, and then I don't have to throw out things I don't like. It's better in general," he said.

Along with the new flavors, they still have their unlimited salad bar where students can continue to get vegetables and fruits throughout their lunch.

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