School district implements safety tracking devices policy

KMVT file image of a Twin Falls school hallway
KMVT file image of a Twin Falls school hallway(KMVT)
Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 4:24 PM MDT
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The Twin Falls School District is adopting a new policy about student tracking devices being used in their schools.

"We actually had a couple of parents requested using these devices and so as a district we took a look at what are all the different options and what other ways they can be used," explained Eva Craner, the district's public relations director.

An example of a tracking device is

, where parents can put tracking devices on their child and listen to their student, also knowing if they have left a certain location.

"Primarily, they’re parents of students with special needs. So, maybe a student has a disability where they’re likely to leave the school building or they get lost very easily," she explained.

Craner said the school district understands that the parents of some of these students have concerns for their safety.

"As a school district we want to make sure that that student is taken care of but also the student sitting next to him in the special ed classrooms or maybe have severe needs that are very private and we wouldn’t want them to be listened into just because they’re in the same classroom," she said.

Moving forward, the school district now has a policy that if parents are asking to use these devices, they must talk about it with the school administrative staff. An agreement also must be made in writing, saying that they won't use the listen-in portion of the device in classrooms.

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