Sen. Risch reflects on 2019 State of the Union address

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WASHINGTON, D.C. Last night was the first State of the Union address for President Trump where he was talking to a Democratic-controlled house and a divided Congress.

This year's theme was "Choosing Greatness." The State of the Union was rescheduled from its original date of Jan. 29 due to the partial government shutdown.

The president focused on lowering cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, protecting American workers and rebuilding America.

He also explained his vision of a safe and legal immigration system while updating Congress on diplomatic and American military efforts.

Idaho Senator Jim Risch spoke with our Washington bureau about his thoughts on the address.

“Best speech I've ever heard the president give,” said Sen. Risch. “He was on his game last night. I think the outreach that he did was great, I hope the other side extends their hand the same way and we get to a better place.”

Risch went on to say he's very glad the president was able to discuss the economic success of the US and said Americans should be proud of where the country is headed.

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