Report: Seven Magic Valley schools underperforming

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WENDELL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A list by the Idaho State Department of Education is out, showing the lowest performing schools in Idaho.

Wendell Middle School is among seven schools named in the Magic Valley.

Wendell Middle School principal Brian Jadwin talked with KMVT about why they landed on the list.

"The teachers are using some of the best strategy that they know. But some of the students don't understand the importance of the test, at least the teacher to the district to the state,” Jadwin continued “And so when they go into the test, it's just one more test for them. And, 'Oh, let's see how fast I can get done with this test.'"

Jadwin said the problem is with the amount of tests the students are given.

"It's one more test. I mean within our own in-house testing, so our STAR testing, in other tests, kids are preforming really well. But what the ISAT shows is obviously not the same performance that we see in our tests,” Jadwin explained.

It also affects the teachers when they see the test scores.

"I had teachers crying when they saw their test scores. And these are amazing teachers, and they're crying,” Jadwin said. “It's heartbreaking for them to see them do that, and for me it just kills me to see how much the teachers put into the students and into the students' education, and the return is, can be pretty saddening and disheartening."

The other Magic Valley schools on the list of 29 lowest achieving in the state include Magic Valley High School, Gooding Middle School, Bridge Academy Middle School, Heritage Academy, Shoshone Middle School and High Desert High School.

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