Severed fiber-optic line slows down internet, DMVs

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SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) If your internet seemed slower on Wednesday, you weren't alone.

Due to a severed fiber-optic line there were slowdowns around the Magic and Wood River valleys, including at county DMVs.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, a local contractor in Boise cut a fiber-optic line doing minor excavation along a city street.

This caused computers to go down at the Blaine County DMV, but the department said some DMVs just experienced slowdowns.

The spokesman for the department said it is not an internal ITD issue, though they aren’t sure yet who is responsible. He said it could be from someone doing something like construction near the line and accidentally nicking it.

As of Wednesday afternoon the department did not have a projected fix time. The spokesman said that depends on the company who owns the line.

"It will take the company who owns that facility, that fiber-optic line, to go out and make those repairs,” said Nathan Jerke, the ITD spokesman. “Sometimes that can take a few hours. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on the extent of the damage as well as if it's an easy-to-access location."

Jerke said this might have affected other servers too, since they use public lines.

As far as the DMV is concerned, you can still use them, but it may take longer.

Jerke said if you don’t want to deal with the lines or slowdowns at the DMV, you can try using ITD’s website instead, because it’s not having the same problems.

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