Sheep steal the show in Trailing of the Sheep Parade

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KETCHUM, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - A whopping 1500 sheep made their way down Ketchum's Main Street on Sunday in the 20th Annual Trailing of the Sheep Parade.

The sheep belong to Faulkner Land and Livestock and are making their way through Ketchum after grazing in the mountains.

“The sheep were very well behaved even though that’s not really their job because they just came out of the mountains with their herders from the summer. They go down Main Street and there’s thousands of people watching them and looking at them. But they didn’t get spooked this year. We had some young leaders in, some ranchers, so we had some extra hands helping herd them down the street which I think was pretty amazing,” said Laura Drake, Executive Director of Trailing of the Sheep Festival.

The Trailing of the Sheep Parade includes a lot more than 1500 running down Ketchum’s Main Street. It includes musical performances and dances by the many cultures that have a deep history with sheepherding here in valley.

“There’s a long history of Scotts and sheepherding and sheep raising. Scotts helped to settle the west, so they brought their sheepherding tradition with them,” said Bud Lancaster, a member of the Boise Highlanders.

The sheep featured in Sunday’s parade will spend their winters in California and Arizona, before returning to Idaho with new lambs in the spring.

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