Sheriff, deputies deny allegations in Idaho rancher lawsuit

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Law enforcement officials named in a wrongful death lawsuit are denying allegations they violated federal civil rights during and after the shooting of an Idaho rancher.

Jack Yantis was killed in 2015 after one of his bulls was hit by a car and deputies shot the animal. Yantis arrived with a rifle just as deputies decided to put down the animal. Authorities have said there was an altercation, and Yantis and two deputies all fired their weapons.

Yantis' family filed a complaint in October against Adams County, Sheriff Ryan Zollman and former sheriff's deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland.

In recent federal court filings, Zollman — also responding on behalf of Adams County — Wood and Roland responded to the lawsuit by denying the allegations and asking that the case be dismissed.

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