Shoshone and Filer school districts seek school bonds in Aug. 27 election

(KMVT/KSVT) — Both Filer and Shoshone school districts are seeking bonds in the upcoming Aug. 27 election. The school bonds will be for different repairs and upgrades throughout the school districts.

In Filer, the school district committee has mapped out some necessary changes for the city to vote for in the upcoming election (KMVT/Elizabeth Hadley).

In Filer, the school district committee has mapped out some necessary changes for the city to vote on in the upcoming election. The school seeks to pass a $8.55 million general obligation bond, which will help building, remodeling and furnishing classroom spaces.

The first thing is revamping career technical education.

“We’re going to be adding another building there, about doubling the space that we have. We have a number of programs out there, welding, FFA, health, science class. Things of that nature,” said Filer superintendent John Graham.

If the bond passes, they would be adding a wet lab, and storage space for that area. They are also interested in purchasing new land, but he says not everyone is on board with that.

“Actually, located near the high school, which would work well for a middle school there, and there is actually enough room there, for an elementary down the road if Filer became the size that they need that,” Graham said.

So how much would this cost?

“The bond if it passes, they would be able to keep the levy rate the same, if it doesn’t pass the levy rate would still be the same. There wouldn’t be a change in it. If it does pass, you’re going to be extending, the payments further, obviously nothing is free,” Graham said.

And in Shoshone, they are seeking a school bond of their own, a $6.83 million general obligation bond, which would help construct, remodel and furnish learning facilities among other prospective projects.

“It’ll change the entrances to the school, so there will be separate entrances for the high school and the elementary,” said Shoshone superintendent Rob Waite.

It will also add a multipurpose building for assemblies and a gymnasium.

“Currently our elementary school students don’t have a gym to go to if it's bad weather, which it is a lot of the time, so this would allow a place for the elementary to call their own for a multipurpose building,” Waite said.

The price for this project is roughly $6.8 million.

“It will be about $1.56, per $1,000 dollars of access value,” Waite said.

Voting for both communities is on Aug. 27.

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