Shoshone Police Department installs new tool to keep K-9 safe

SHOSHONE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Shoshone Police Department's K-9 unit has a new tool that they can use to keep both the dog and the handler safe.

The new system is in place to keep both Eros and Chief Smith safe.

The new program is called the K-9 Heat Alarm and Pop system.

The program allows for the dog's handler to press a button and the doors of the patrol car will automatically open if the handler is being attacked.

The program also monitors the temperature in the K-9 area and the passenger area, and if it gets above a certain temperature, the system will automatically open the windows, turn on a fan, and start the sirens so the handler will be notified.

Police Chief Austin Smith says it was installed because of generous donations from community members.

"Just for the safety of the K-9, he's such a phenomenal tool, not only for our community, but surrounding communities," Smith said. "There are several communities in the area that also use him. It helps us combat the drug epidemic so keeping him safe is a huge priority for us, and especially for me because he belongs to me."

K-9 Eros has been trained on what to do if the doors automatically pop open, and will run directly to the person attacking his handler.

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